Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

MacBook Laptops Vulnerable To Hack That Explode Or Corrupts Batteries

A new exploit discovered by Charlie Miller inside the chip of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air that uses to control the battery, which when can be used by hacker to take control on your machine and can singe batteries. According to Miller the exploit is so malicious and could easily reverse the engineer developed chip’s firmware, and give complete control to hacker on your machine, which can be used for notorious work such as installing malware on your machine to steal data, also the exploit allow them to set the whatever reading they want to the Mac OS X and charger, or even allow such deep control to hacker to rewrite the firmware completely which makes your battery unidentified and makes it useless.


In addition to it, he said that the malware installed by hacker through this exploit cannot be removed by re-installing operating system, re portioning your hard drive or flashing the BIOS. He mentioned in his research note that there is only one way to get rid from this type of attack is to replace the battery which might cost you about $150. He also said that he will provide a fix to the exploit soon at the Black Hat security conference in August in a form of a tool “Caulkgun” that changes battery firmware’s default passwords to a random string, preventing the attack.


A more detailed post coming soon about this topic, mean time this post is a idea of  MacPost