Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Mac Pros Coming Again With Ivy Bridge Processor, Kepler From NVIDIA

It ages ago that Apple refreshed the Mac Pro series and due to such lack of interest in the update, there are coupled of reports surrounding suggests that Apple kill the Mac Pro product and moved to new tablet and ultra-slim notebook business. Well, the Mac Pro’s still present in the Apple Store, and easily available across the world which suggests that the product is not killed. A new report suggests that the problem with new Mac Pro refresh is solved, and soon this year we could be able to see a refreshed new model of Mac Pros.

The new Mac Pros is rumored to introduce new Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor and the Kepler GPU from NVIDIA. The report comes from the M.I.C Gadget source, which claimed that Apple is now moving to introduce a new refreshed version of the Mac Pros with new Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor. Intel is said to be debuting the new Ivy Bridge processors in April, that is also said to be include in the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air refreshed models of 2012.

In the report, the source claims that Apple has already received number of engineering samples of the new Ivy Bridge processors from the Intel, all the thanks go to the Apple’s and Intel partnership. The new Ivy Bridge processors contain 8 cores, and 20 MB of cache. In addition to Mac Pros, the new Kepler GPU from NIVIDIA is also said to be included in this update, and due to come out in the market on the same time frame.  Apple is said to have been “burned” by the Mac Pro’s existing ATI graphics, which are prone to flickering, overheating, and other failures.

MIC Gadget believes in their source report, and claims that Apple may set out the new refreshed models of the Mac Pros sometime in the third quarter of this year, with all new hardware and new bugs under their hoods.