Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Mac OS X Mountain Lion iCloud Document Sync Soon Flip Dropbox

With the launch of Mac OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview, Apple in short seeded a new tool to the bloggers and geeks to dig into the new features of the upcoming OS X updates. Apple has claimed itself that they have baked the new Mac OS X 10.8 with around 100 new features, including all the major features of the upcoming OS X update. One of the main features of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion is the highly and correctly integration of the iCloud into the roots of the OS X operating system just like Apple has did on the iOS with the launch of iOS 5.

Apple has included a new Document sharing and sync option in the iCloud with the launch of Mac OS X 10.8 that lets new OS X users to easily share their documents on the other connected devices with a single drag and drop on their machines. Apple has changed the typical method of sharing files between two or more Mac machines with the introduction of Documents syncing in the Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Apple has also extended the document sharing on the iCloud to the iWork documents, now you can easily browse to your iCloud data as a disk on your Mac machine.

With the introduction of new documents syncing and sharing between apps with iCloud, Apple also extends the iCloud compatibility with the number of new document’s extension as the service could also be used to share files with the number of other connected devices such as you can share your document instantly on your iPad. However, with the new integration of the iCloud API in the Mac OS X Mountain Lion, the iCloud sync option is now also available on third-party applications, means that iCloud sync is now not limited to the iWork documents, you can also sync a normal document with your devices such as from textedit application of your Mac.

I guess with the launch of such a tight integration Apple is for surely trying to overcome the DropBox, the company Steve Jobs want to overtake and to merge originally with Mac OS X.