Tue. Mar 9th, 2021

Mac OS X Lion Up To Date Program Goes Live, Get Free Lion

It was announced by Apple back on the keynote of WWDC 2011 that they will give Mac OS X Lion copy free to the folks, who have purchased the new Mac’s and other series of MacBook and for it they have introduced a new program named “OS X Lion Up to Date Program”, which allow qualified users to get the copy of Mac OS X Lion from Mac App Store for free as a free redemption code. This offer is for those users who have purchase new Mac after the June 6th, originally the program was enabled yesterday with launch of Mac OS X Lion. But due to some error with the activation server, users start reporting that they having issue while registering their codes to get the free copy of Mac OS X Lion.

But now today, the problem is solved and qualified users now can register their self to get the free copy of Mac OS X Lion to download from the Mac App Store. To get free copy of Mac OS X Lion, you must have to submit your request in prior to August 19th or 30 days after the purchase of your Mac, whichever is later.