Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Mac OS X Lion Let You To Run Multiple Copies On Same Machine (Virtualization)

Well we all know folks around the web are damn fast in getting their hands on the exclusive release of Apple’s software, just few hours ago Apple released Golden Master build of OS X Lion, and now its reporting that users start revealing its function. While testing the GM of OS X Lion user noticed that Apple for the first time enabled the option for the owners of OS X Lion (client version) to run multiple virtual copies of OS X on the same machine.  Recently, this is only allowed to Mac OS X Server users only.

This feature is also briefly discussed in the final end-user licensing agreement (EULA) which Gold Master build version of Mac OS X Lion contains, it allow users to two additional instances of OS X Lion on their same machine without a need for extra licenses. From the 10.7 EULA:


The shift in policy likely reflects the blurred distinction between OS X Server and OS X Client starting with Lion. OS X Server will be sold as an App Store add-on pack for OS X Lion.