Sat. May 28th, 2022

Mac OS X Lion Kills Front Row, Here’s How To Get It Back

As we have seen in the past few months that Apple’s next generation OS X Lion comes up with many new features but on another hand it also loses the some awesome features too just like Front Row. For those of you who not know about the Front Row, is a program which provides full screen media interface to the Mac and firstly launch back in some major OS X release and totally mirrors the Apple TV interface on Sn0w Leopard.  But since the OS X Lion releases to the developers, the front row feature is missing from the deck. But Now need to lose your hope, if you are one of those who really like the Front Row than here we have quick tip from the reader Ralph Perdomo, which had managed to trick the some files and get Front Row on the OS X Lion.


Ralph figured out that he could take the Snow Leopard Front Row files and then compile it into a runnable application for OS X Lion. For those interested he took these files:

While the software trick is tested by some geeks over the web and claimed that it works effectively but you have to clear that this is very at your own risk, folks over 9to5mac believes that may be Apple will introduce Front Row as a plugin for the Mac OS X Lion and launch it in App Store for the price of $ 4.99.