Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Mac OS X Lion Freezes In Performing Video Related Work – Users Report

Nothing is prefect in the world, as we all know Apple’s next generation Mac OS X Lion comes up number of features and options which enhance the users experience and allow to be productive, but with all of the features, we have seen multiple issues in Mac OS X Lion, users are hitting the Apple Support forum for help, one of the most recent and widely faced issue is users are reporting that their Mac’s freezes after waking up from sleep running OS X Lion. As 9to5mac noted there is already a thread present in Apple’s website with more than 12,000 views and 300 replies from users. Apparently the issue is appears only on the latest released 2011 iMacs, along with iMacs some users also report they face same thing on their MacBook Pros after waking up from sleep. The only and one solution is here to get rid from this issue is to hard reset your machine by holding down the power button for few seconds.

A small number of users has also reporting that their iMacs running Mac OS X Lion freezing at the login screen of the OS, and on other thread we also learn that some users facing issue while playing video content on their Mac’s running Mac OS X Lion. So far there is only a one solution of this problem is to wait for Apple to kicks out the update to their so called Mac OS X Lion to fix the users issue.