Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Mac OS X Lion Features To Run In Safari-Only Mode, Like Chrome OS

No doubt that iOS 5 got attention of all this week and everyone has revealed some features of it, but Apple has also released a beta of Mac OS X Lion which also comes up with amazing feature like “Find My Mac”, along with the new feature of “Restart To Safari”that provides you an option on the lock screen of Mac OS X Lion, rather than logging in. In this mode, your Mac just boot into the web browser mode like Chrome OS, the browser based login only allow unauthorized user to browse web and saves the personal data from it, it seems that Apple has add some more security and take the advantage of it.


The option of Safari Mode, helps Apple in tricking the person, when your mac is lost. It tricks the person to run Safari so they can easily track the IP from which the user using your mac, it seems that Apple kicked out this feature only when you have enabled the option of Find My Mac. The Safari Mode is similar to the light weight operating system by Google, on which they providing only Chrome to user for web browsing.

via MacStories