Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Mac OS X Lion Downloaded More Than Six Million Times

Well its not more a secret that Apple has reached the new heights of the success with the launch of the Mac OS X Lion, and the most interesting achivement they owned with them, that the launch of the new OS over the internet by killing the package softwares.

The MAC platform has taken up 23% of the MAC share.
Apple has announced its OS X Lion as a major OS X update, by introducing couple of amazing features in it. Apple has killed the software packages of its Mac OS X after the release of OS X. Now during the keynote of the Apple’s fall media event on which the company rumored to announce the new iPhone, the new CEO of Apple, Tim Cook has announced that the company’s newly launched OS X Lion has reached the new height, and downloaded more than six million times during the time period of two months.

Back in July, Apple releases the new Mac OS X Lion publicly, and kills the era of the package softwares, till the release of the new Mac OS X Lion, we have seen Apple has done couple of changes in their algorithm and roadmap. They have also launches the new version of the Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 right after the first public release of the OS X , we have seen the OS X Lion has many bugs and may not the fine build to launch it publicly but still Apple rocks the world again with the launch of their new OS X .