Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Mac OS X Lion Disables Flash Player Hardware Acceleration And Other Photoshop Elements

Apple’s new generation Mac OS X Lion has already makes its position in the market with in a day of launch people enjoying it and reviewing it as a best OS X version they have used. While containing many brilliant features Apple’s Mac OS X Lion also comes up as a death call for some software programs as we know, it has the full screen mode which adds spice in the user experience. Yesterday from the report of Adobe, we have learned that OS X Lion is also come up with side-effects, they have published a knowledge based article which points out the known issues of their software products with Apple’s next generation OS X Lion, which hints that OS X Lion has disables hardware acceleration of Flash and other Mac Apps:


They sort out the list of the apps which will not work well with the OS X Lion: Fireworks, Illustrator, Acrobat, Lightroom, Photoshop and Premiere Pro. A day before the launch of Mac OS X Lion, Adobe releases its Photoshop Elements on Mac App Store and take a step to discontinue the boxed software version, they offer the package for $80. The release marked Adobe’s first offering on Apple’s online-only store for Mac apps. After the release of OS X Lion they faced issues with their software products and in addition to the known issue post they make a clear note that they will “investigate” on this case and will try to sort out the problem and will see for implementing all of the exclusive features of OS X Lion, such as Restore, Autosave, Versioning, Full Screen Mode and new multitouch gestures. Lion also hides the Library folder from view to reduce the chances of tech illiterate users accidentally deleting application support files.