Sat. May 28th, 2022

Mac OS X Lion Compatible Apps Already Hit Mac App Store

As we know Apple’s next generation OS X Lion is about to release soon with in few hours/days, and there are already several compatible apps are making their way to the front pages of Mac App Store. Earlier this week, Apple has asked developers to submit their new and recent apps update to work on OS X Lion and just after some days we are seeing  OS X Lion compatible apps in the Mac App Store with Apple’s approval. From last some rumors we have heard that OS X Lion to launch On July 13/14 at anytime, means there are chances of Mac OS X Lion in upcoming hours, and we have also seen some movements from Apple as well, they have shut down the download page of Mac OS X in the favor of Mac App Store.


There is the first app available “WordCasher” Mac App Store which is completely compatible with Mac OS X Lion’s full-screen and Resume features built in. Friends over MacStories has also find some other apps which have come up with update to work with OS X Lion. BusyCal and Shortcuts has also get the approval from Apple for their Mac OS X Lion compatible update.