Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

MAC Gets A New Trojan Disguises Its Self As A PDF File (Beware)

There was a time when people used to say MAC were safe from any kind of viruses. As the technology made advancements, now nothing is more secure than before. It can be any thing. Mobile Phone to Windows PC to MAC OS X are not safe. Some time back MAC got a virus which disguised him self as an update to Flash Player and later on it was fixed with some security update.

This time the Trojan which infected MAC OS X is not any program or fake update. This time the Trojan is totally different and is a in the form of File. The file is used by many people and on every platform the file type is used. The File type is PDF File. The Trojan which disguised it self as a PDF file is called  Trojan-Dropper:OSX/Revir.a.

Above is the snapshot of the Trojan File. The Trojan is in a PDF while with Chinese Language. When this PDF Trojan is opened, it tries to open a Back Door on your MAC OS X, allowing hackers to come in your MAC and do what ever they want to. Once they are in, you won’t be aware of their presence in your MAC and your system will be compromised.

To stay safe from this type of Trojan, Don’t open PDF files from unknown person or friend or family member. Only accept files from your trusted Friend and Family members. If you are already infected by the Trojan, so cultofmac got a way out of it.

As for seeing if you’ve already been infected, it’s pretty easy: just open Activity Monitor and look for a process called “checkvir.” If you see it, stop the process, and then delete “checkvir” and “checkfir.plist” files from your /username/Library/LaunchAgents/ directory.

If you want to make sure that you are not infected or have a doubt that you might be infected, so do the above process and find out if you are one of those or not.