Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Mac AppStore Now Warns On Re-Buying Of Purchased Apps

Since the Apple has announced Mac AppStore and eventually iOS AppStore re-buying of the app was one of the main problem for the users, where we have found couple of accidents such as user again purchased the app and waste his money, also Apple’s rule are very strict not allow you to refund the money. But now its reported that Apple has done quite changes in the Online stores, which has now start preventing users from re-buying the specific app. Apple has managed to bring a popup functionality which confirms user for the re-buy of the app.
The feature of Mac AppStore has not been introduced by Apple, even they didn’t speak about it anywhere. The eagle eye folks of TNW has noticed that this Mac App Store feature only works with the same app version, means if you have purchased an app with its 1.5 version and after purchasing the app got update from the author, then the Mac App Store will not prevent you from buying the app again.