Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Lyricalizer Automatically Pulls Song Lyrics On iOS Music App

Millions of user’s daily search for different song’s lyrics on the internet, or write down the lyrics of the songs by their own self, to pronounce the whole lyrics of the song. But have you ever think to see an application on your device that shows the lyrics of the every other song on your device with time-to-time track? There is a new tweak launched in the Cydia that brings lyrics of any song to your device stock music application, which means now you can automatically get the lyrics of any song that is playing on your device on the stock music application.


Lyricalizer is a new tweak launched in Cydia that adds auto lyrics fetching system on your device, and displays the fetch lyrics on your device’s music application with a second. Lyricalizer is a great tweak for you, if you are one of those who wants to see the lyrics of the specific song on your device, and also doesn’t want to carry any additional information with your songs on your device. Lyricalizer brings the lyrics on your device stock music application by accessing the data network or Wi-Fi network from your device, and access the internet’s three biggest online lyric databases to bring the lyrics of any song on your device.

The tweak automatically fetches the lyrics for your songs in the background by accessing the internet, and displays the fetched lyrics on your device. The tweak will cost you a little price in the Cydia, as it is available in the store with a price tag of $1.29. We have tested the Lyricalizer on our device with playing several songs on our device, and it fetched correct lyrics for the songs without being failed in accessing the service. If you are lyrics lover, then you must give it a try!