Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

LTE 4G iPhone Will Not Come Until Q2 Of 2012

Yesterday during the keynote, Apple has shocked almost all of its fans by announcing the iPhone 4S instead of it, and more if it by announcing that the new iPhone will not support the 4G LTE network standard. Cupertino company has already announced back in the start of the year that the new 4G LTE chip comes up with some critical internal hardware changes to the iPhone, and also the 1st generation LTE chips are not suitable to carry within your pocket, and obviously Apple choose to wait for the proper model, we have also hear from the analyst too that Apple-suitable LTE chips will not come until early 2012.

But now according to the new industry check by the AnandTech, the development of the LTE chips is slower than you expect,  the new 28-nanometer chip processes has left a number of companies unable to release the devices they had originally hoped to launch in 2011. According to the AnandTech, Apple may adopt the MDM9615 Qualcomm’s chip for the iPhone 5 or iPhone 6, because this chip will be the first to offer both LTE and voice at a same time in single hardware chip.


But according to the roadmap of the Qualcomm, the MDM9615 ship not going to come earlier to meet with the production requirements of the Apple, as noted by the Qualcomm, the chip will start shipping the second quarter of the 2012, this thing might delay the next iPhone launch with LTE technology. Also the Apple’s A6 processor, which is said to be the quad-core processor will not come before the 2nd quarter of the next year, so we might face delay in the launch of next generation devices as we have faced this time.