Fri. May 27th, 2022

Low Cost iPhone 4S / iPhone Nano Pictures Leaked, Runing Cydia

In some earlier rumor reports we hear that Apple to launch two version of iPhones this year in the fall, one the cheaper version that looks similar to the current model and the second will be iPhone 5 with more changes and higher specifications. Lot of people didn’t believe on the report of the two iPhone versions, and some has questions about the price. As we have heard from the source the iPhone 4S will be cheaper than iPhone 5, same like we have iPhone 3GS. You people must have question in your mind, how would we sure about it, let’s have a look at the pictures of the cheaper iPhone that leaks on the Tinhte, which looks to be authentic, and scheduled to launch later this year.

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Photo Leaked

If you carefully see the above pictures, you will must note the build quality of this iPhone, which seems to be non-reflective in nature, it seems that front screen panel and body of this iPhone is made up of plastic. Yeah plastic!
This thing let us to consider this iPhone 4 prototype as a cheaper version of iPhone, which contains heck plastic made body. It is simple, developing iPhone casing with plastic, effectively cuts the product price and made it a cheaper device. On other hands we also learn from the guys of TUAW that the guys who leaked the images have good track in past regarding leaking the future products, so we will consider this rumor as a authentic. Let’s see what will happen this fall!