Sun. Jun 20th, 2021

Location Tracking Bug Found In Apple’s iOS 5 Beta 5 (Photo)

If you haven’t forgot the days when Apple used to love it’s customers so much that they started to locate their location by GPS. Those were the days when iOS 4.3.2 was rolling out for public. Then people didn’t love the love of Apples location tracking because Apple was spying on their privacy.

After some time some one took initiative and sued Apple over Location Tracking. Then Apple realized that this much Love is not worth it for the people, so Apple said it as a bug and they promised to fix it with a software update. So after sometime Apple pushed out iOS 4.3.3 with the Location Tracking Bug Fixed.

Till now Apple was said to be doing this thing, but we got one more competitors following Apple. After Apple’s iOS, Android was also spotted doing the same thing.

Well these all issues were fixed till iOS 4.3.5 and now the same Location Tracking Bug is found in the latest iOS 5 Beta 5. This is strange but still.

Special thanks to @diyabyte for tipping up with this information. No need to panic people because this is still the Beta version and remember things can go wrong in it. We will also re confirm about this bug and let you know.