Fri. Jun 18th, 2021

Control Location Service From The Setup, New Features Identified In iOS 5 Beta 3 – Details & Pictures

Few hours back the third beta of iOS 5 was kicked out for the developers and the hands on game started, was spotted too. A new option is added upto the setup screen about location services.

Many bugs are fixed too and new features added too, below a short list of all the stuff

No New Wallpapers
The Software Update works and shows (Your software is upto date)

iTunes Sync. now finally works properly and icon name changed to iTunes Wi-Fi Sync

Voice Roaming Added: If your carrier doesn’t provide roaming in a particular Country, it will be closed around that Country.

Clear Cookies And Caches merged into one option in Safari Settings

Advanced Menu added into Safari settings

As iPod was splitted back into Music and Video, new pop up message apperars while entering the Music app i.e Videos have transferred to Videos App.

Now add a new Mailbok directly from the Mail App

Store button added to Music app

Reminders Icon updated

The speed of iOS 5b3 is highly enhanced for a proper enjoyment of operating iOS 5.