Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Set Location Based Reminders On Map With MapReminders On iPhone

Location based reminders always consider as the most useful feature of the next generation devices, like iPhone and tablets which comes up with built-in GPS chips on the board. In the iPhone, and iPads we have seen Apple has already provided the option to set a location based application on your device using latest iOS 5 “Reminders” stock iOS app. But the app provides limited type functions by itself, like you can only set a location based reminder where you are present or can hook up someone’s location using Contact app content.


However, here comes the new jailbreak tweak called “MapReminders”, which provides you graphical map to hook up the location for reminders easily, basically extends the functionality of the iOS stock reminders app. It provides you a map, with pin to drop it for a location based reminder. Example: if you have set up the location based reminder for the meeting with lawyer, it will remind you whenever you visit that street or place where the lawyer office is placed.

MapReminders is seems to be a very handy tweak for the iOS users who always or mostly forgets the work to do while on the road or way. The tweak makes the iOS stock Reminder app more useful than the stock version, and provides some more functionality to the users.


MapReminders will be shortly available in the Cydia BigBoss repo store for the general public at the price tag of $0.99. Its obvious that you must need to jailbreak your device first for running this tweak or any other tweak on your device.


According to the personal view, I must say to check this tweak. It will enhance your experience with location based reminders on the portable / smartphone devices. It works pretty cool with Apple’s high griped GPS location chip.