Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

iPhone 5 Launch Media Event (Live Coverage)

iPhone 5 Launch

iPhone 5 Launch Media Event Live Coverage! – Many of you are our old readers, and now us very closely that how we deal with Apple events. Apple events are the big bumps for us, and we do bet our single energy for them to seed live event coverage for our readers. And just like always, we will also cover the iPhone 5 launch event on Sept 12th.

iPhone 5 Launch

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However, in the meantime let me remind you all the stuff about the iPhone 5 Launch Media Event.

iPhone 5 Launch Event:

In the event, Apple will announce the next-generation iPhone 5 in the public, and then they will launch the iOS 6 public version following the iPhone 5 media announcement. After the announcement of these both devices, Apple will announce the next-generation iPod series, and it is expected that Apple will introduce a powerful iPod series with new design changes.


iPhone 5:

iPhone 5 will be carrying a new design and couple of internal hardware improvements including within-cell technology for the slimmer profile. The iPhone 5 will feature a 4-inch display screen with taller profile, and updated display technology to meet the current market requirements. iPhone 5 will be powered by quad-core A6 processor and 1 GB of RAM. iPhone 5 will be available in both flavors and colors from the very first day.


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