Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Listen Audio Tracks Directly From YouTube With YouTune (App)

Being a music lover, I have been facing many issues on my devices, especially in locating all the updated music library on all the devices, and therefore, I prefer to kick YouTube application on my devices and mostly do listen to tracks from YouTube, but with the YouTube application, there is a small drawback it controls the whole device, and didn’t able to serve the music in the background and as well as only serves the music with video. However, here comes a new application launch in the App Store which aims to get rid of you from this problem. YouTune is a new music streaming application available in App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch users and its all the music basis on the YouTube music database.

YouTune allows you to simply tune any audio music track on your device with this application, and all the tracks come directly from the YouTube music database. YouTune allows you to search for the songs, album tracks by the name or the name of an artist just like YouTube, and as well as allows you to manage tracks into several playlists and share with your friends across the social networks. The player also allows you to skip any track from the created playlist.

YouTune is a free music streaming application for your iPhone and iPod Touch, and provides you the entire music track directly from the YouTube database. In addition to these awesome features, it also provides you an ability to perform multiple works at the moment and stream music on the background of your device. According to my experience, I love the entire app and had been waiting for this kind of utility from a long time. I have noticed a slightly delay in the request of a song, as the service first converts it into an audio track before serving it on your device, but the whole process takes only 2 to 5 seconds.