Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

Lingual Brings Translation To Siri (iPhone 4S) In 30 Different Flavors

Since the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 launch in the market, we have been continuously seeing the arrival of different Cydia tweaks targeting the Apple’s intelligent virtual assistant, Siri on iPhone 4S. In the last week, we have seen around 20 tweaks specially created to target the Siri on iPhone 4S, including few popular and worth installing tweaks like AssistantExtensions. However, here comes another Cydia tweak for the iPhone 4S Siri, and the new cydia tweak allow Siri to be act like your real time translator.

The new tweak is named as Lingual, and it adds the translation ability into the iPhone 4S Siri, and provides a wide range of language options to translate your verbal text on your iPhone 4S. Lingual is actively claiming to translate the English text into 30 different languages. The new tweak is using the Bing Translation Program as the back-end of the tweak, and pulling all the translation requests to the Bing Translation, we don’t know why they don’t chose the Google Translation. However, we know one thing, Bing Translation is not strong like Google Translation but still works cool. The team claimed that tweak will provide all the translation comes from the Bing API, basically it means that the tweak is only pulling the Bing API using the Siri platform to provide translation.


The team behind the tweak is claiming that their tweak is currently only limited to the English verbal commands, but soon they will release an update to cover more, and depends on the Apple update to add more languages in the Siri. The Lingual is developed by the CodeThemed team, and is currently available in the Cydia Store to download for free of cost. It’s obviously requires the jailbroken iPhone 4S.