Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Lima Hands on Review- the latest rival to Cydia

In case you are one of the fans of iOS, you are not that faithful to Apple through jailbreaking the iOS gadget. You know that the popular and sure shot spot to download the jailbroken applications is at Cydia. But it now appears that there is a new entrant into the market, the possible threat to the ever popular and admired Cydia, the Lima.

Browser based: Lima

In fact Lima is featured with one great benefit over Cydia which is of the fact that Lima can run fully on Safari and so it’s no application icon or something like that, it is simply web based.

Lima has been very famous and in the limelight since a year ago, it will now be really interesting to watch if it actually manages well to attract the users. This is mainly tough in the competitive situation as the users are accustomed to using Cydia from a long time now. Lima just offers pure competition and threat to Cydia. The twist that it features is the fact that it is completely browser based.

Tough competition

Cydia may be facing stiff competition from the latest browser based Lima. In fact the development team Infini Dev Team behind jailbreak installer reported that the new pack installer will be completely functional from the Mobile Safari. This will in turn let the users to install the unapproved third party extensions and applications as well, just as the case that the users faced with Cydia.

Easy to use- Lima

The very first thing that you will note about Lima is the point that it is smooth and slick interface that will be simply loved by the users. The Sections category in Lima is just like that you see in Cydia. Indeed, it is surely the same. But in Lima, you can easily navigate to some kinds of packages such as Tweaks, Ringtones, Themes and all. But, unlike Cydia, there is no way through which you can disable some sections that you want.

Then comes the More tab where you may be spending most of your time on Lima. There are various parts or sections that fall under the More tab. These include Reset Lima cookies, Lima status blog, Installed packages, Package updates and new packages.

Why choose Lima over Cydia?

Let’s just face it! Cydia may look a bit messy at times with a number of sections, headings as well as advertisements. When compared with Lima, Cydia is not the latest thing to use. Lima on the other hand is just like the breeze of fresh air.