Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Leak Price List Suggest $70-$80 Price Hike In iPad 3 Price

In the last some days we have heard number of unconfirmed rumors from the Chinese famous micro-blogging website regarding the iPad 3 launch, specifications and other parts leaks. The leak details about the iPad 3 are rising day by day on the Chinese famous micro-blogging Sina Weibo. In addition to the recent tidbits regarding the iPad 3 launch, today another user come over the Sina Weibo, and publishes a chart featuring some price comparisons between the iPad 2 and iPad 3 models.

All the rumors coming from the Sina Weibo are totally unverified because users delete or hide their profiles from the social network after posting such content on the network, and left us with a new tidbit to serve or fight across with other tech geeks on the floor. A new user come to a blogging website publishes a new comparison price chart between iPad 2 and iPad 3. The unverified price chart appears to be leaking some interesting price information of the iPad 3, right before the launch of the device. We have embedded the chart below in the post, and the headings on the table are labeled left to right: “Apple iPad Model”, “iPad 2 US Price”, “iPad 3 US Price”, and “iPad 3 RMB Price”. The RMB price of the next generation iPad 3 is calculated on the exchange rate information.

The iPad 2 and iPad 3 price comparison chart shows a signification spike in the price of the upcoming device, as the chart shows the increment of $80 in the Wi-Fi models, and $70 increment in the price of the iPad 3 GSM models. It is not the first time on which publications hinted with such kind of information from the market watchdogs, in the past we have seen many related post that openly suggests the higher price rates for the upcoming device.

Apple is currently looking to slash down the price of its hardware or to introduce a lower-end device in the market to capture the lower-end market too in their hands. The above chart is as well unverified, so we can’t stuck our mind with the above mentioned price details for the iPad 3.