Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

LazyDroid, Let You To Run Your Android Device via Desktop

Not in mood to get your Android device from the table, getting a call !!! Now the problem is solved… Thanks to Marcello Albano the founder of LazyDroid. This application will be installed on your Android device and you will¬†connect¬†LazyDroid to your server i.e in most of the countries via wifi and an executable file will be installed on your PC and it will open as an emulator but it will be the real device


Marcello Albano, Developer says

An incredible web application that allows to take the control of you mobile phone from Wifi/Internet/Usb connection, simply using your web browser and accessing a website. You will have several apps to access different services on your Android device. The software is under development and this is a beta version, so please send me an email for every bug you found, or if you want other features.

Till now the rating of this app is 5/5
So what are you waiting for, get your app from the Android Market and tell us how do you feel O_O
Android Device on your PC
The main thing which is mind blowing is that it runs on 3G too O_o