Fri. May 27th, 2022

Launch Any Application On Mac OS Using iPhone 4S Siri

We have seen a lot of amazing stuff in the technology world, especially in the smartphone world, right after the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4S and its amazing personal assistant Siri. Both have changed the way to interact with search engine, as well as with devices. After the release of iPhone 4S Siri many users express their thoughts that there will be some kind of technology in the device that lets them to open applications on the device with speech recognition.

Here comes the iTeleport for the iPhone 4S that lets you open any application by voice using Siri, but not on iPhone 4S. iTeleport is a VNC application for iPhone 4S that lets you to open any application on your Mac machine by voice. We have seen a wide range of VNC apps for the iPhone and iPad but never seen such app yet, who uses the Apple’s iPhone 4S Siri to perform actions on remote Mac OS machine.

iTeleport also supports the Apple’s latest Mac OS X Lion and using its voice-controlled app launching through VNC application to perform action on the desktop, while on go. It must be a really good utility for those users who always trying to connect with their workstation machines while doing some other work. iTeleport is come up with another good feature, which does not bind you to stay in a same network to use the functionality of the app. iTeleport uses the Google’s Talk protocol to authenticate and join devices, so you don’t have to be on the same home network to control your Mac from the iPhone or iPad.

To launch any application on the remote device using iTeleport, user just has to say, “Launch (App Name)” e.g “Launch Safari”. The application was, firstly, tested by the folks over MacStories, who believes that the application is really good in work, the application has the good grip on “Launch” command, and mostly understands the app names on Mac OS X Lion running machine.

You can download iTeleport for iOS in the App Store for a hefty $19.99. The iTeleport Connect Mac app is available for free.


via: iDB