Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Latest Firmware Update Brings Lion Internet Recovery On Current MacBook Pro Models

Earlier this week Apple has released three different firmware updates to MacBook Pros that claims to include the fixes of numerous known bugs, and also fixes the compatibility issue with the Apple’s next generation ThunderBolt Display screens, in addition to old releases Apple has also released a new firmware update today which indicates that Apple has sends out the firmware update with the ability to bring Mac OS x Lion’s new internet recovery funtion on the current MacBook Pro models. Recently the internet recovery method of Mac OS X Lion, only works with few defined products of Apple, such as newly launched MacbBook Air 2011.



Internet Recovery method is revealed by the Microsoft back in July with the launch of Mac OS X Lion, the new method allow users to recover their whole machine including OS through internet, in other words kill the usage of physicall disc. Internet Recovery was initially available only on the new MacBook Air and Mac mini models that launched alongside OS X Lion, but Apple has now extended the capabilities to the MacBook Pro models introduced back in February.