Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

Last Tweak Of TweakWeek – SpotEnhancer

At last the TweakWeek comes to an end with seven wonderful tweaks by Andrea Oliva. Let’s take a review of them

  1. SBVolume : Control the volume of your iDevice right from the SpringBoard.
  2. LabelSlide : Changes the text of lock screen i.e “Slide To Unlock” to any text you want.
  3. RemovedSound : This tweak allows you to hear an alert tone when any file is dismissed from iDevice.
  4. PlayingLyrics : Brings up the lyrics of the song playing.
  5. ClockSeconds : Bring seconds at lock screen time.
  6. MessageTo : All in one message tweak.
The final tweak today released is “SpotEnhancer”. This tweak is also minor and also a major one. This tweak will add more of your likely stuff to Spotlight search. All of them described by iPhoneItalia (Translated) are
  1. The date display: type “Get dates” in the Spotlight;
  2. The time display: type “get time” in the Spotlight;
  3. New message: type “New message” in the Spotlight;
  4. New email: type in “New mail” in the Spotlight;
  5. New call: type “New call” in the Spotlight;
  6. Launching Google: type “Google” in Spotlight;
  7. Yahoo Launching: type “Yahoo” in Spotlight;
  8. Start the Bing: type “Bing” in the Spotlight;
  9. Start the Facebook: Type “FB” in the Spotlight;
  10. Search Twitter user: type “Twitter user” Spotlight.
You have to search them in the search bar at SpringBoard
So with out getting late get your hands on with this tweak by the following beta repository of Andrea Oliva