Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

Laser Projector For iPad,iPhone(3G/3GS/4), iPod(2G/3G/4), MAC, and PC With [Video]

For the first time  Enjoy Movies, Photos, Presentations and Streaming video up to 100” in image size with the SHOWWX+™ laser pico projector.With the Micro vision SHOWWX+, the world’s first laser Pico projector is now even brighter. You can enjoy with your Pico display engine, rich color projection with bright vivid laser images that are always in focus, you can also view movies and image on curved surfaces. ?

Below is a Screen shot of it:

You can use you Lico Projector with:

  • iPhone, iPad or iPod with included cable to project photos, videos/movies, presentations and select Apps.
  • MacBook, laptop or netbook with SHOWWX™ VGA Dock (sold seperately) to project photos, video, presentations, streaming video and more!
  • TV-out device, such as digital camera, portable DVD player, camcorder with included SHOWWX™ Composite Video Adapter (Female)

This is now only available in U.S only. To learn more about its Features visit the SHOWWX™ website.


Looks like an Amazing Device we cant wait to have it one and use it. Stay tuned with and tell us how many of you are going to buy it.? or if you have already bought it so let us know how it works.Do give us your review about it.

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