Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

KMS Activator and Timebomb Remover for Windows 8, Download Available

You guys may not believe this shocking news that software tools (KMS Activator and Timebomb Remover) came so early to crack the Microsoft piracy protection of Windows 8. Its just a week ago that the copy of first milestone of Windows 8 leaked to the public over internet and now we have tools available on internet to crack the Windows 8 for activation.


Blogsdna reported, the tools (KMS Activator and Timebomb Remover) which available to bypass the Windows 8 activation procedures is comes from the members of  MyDigitalLife forums, and they not only activate the leaked  build 7850 of  Windows 8, but also can be used to remove the Timebomb limit, which Microsoft mostly sets in pre-release/test versions of its software.


The leaked build shows up that Windows 8 is in very early stages of development, and it also reveals the some new features of Windows 8, like Metro based UI, Push Notifications. Check out our complete post on new features of Windows 8.