Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Kinect Like Gesture System For The iPad Is In Progress?

This past September at the IFA Berlin trade show Elliptic Labs revealed their Touch less Gesture User Interface technology. It allowed a user to make hand movements (gestures), similar to Microsoft’s Kinect technology; giving the user the ability to control their device by simple hand movements. The company had been working on a prototype with a reference design tablet which has now evolved into a touch less dock prototype for the Apple iPad.

The technology behind the system sits in a special iPad dock and is ultrasound. This dock creates a “touchless zone” ” that covers approximately one foot in front and to the side of the iPad’s screen. Elliptic Labs’ CEO Stian Aldrin explained the vision for the technology on the iPad and its real world applications.

The idea is that you use touchless gestures to operate primary functions of a docked tablet in situations like when you have wet or greasy hands in the kitchen. In general tablets are made for being handheld. When it is docked you are often walking or standing further away, and then using a finger on the screen involves a change of modality. Rather than bending down, leaning forward or picking it up you can use larger movements a little bit further away to do things like volume up or next song without changing modality.

Apple has expressed its own interest in “Kinect-like” touchless gesture and voice control of such diverse devices as appliances and vehicles, recently acquiring the rights to a number of patents and patent applications related to the technology.

It will be a huge feature for the iPad whether it comes from Apple or some third party. Apple is showing interest in this feature. Lets hope this awesome thing comes for ipad and Apple can beat up Microsoft’s Kinect Technology.

see a video of it. Its a prototype till now.


Wow looks so cool. control things with your hands. If it comes out so it will be more good than the Kinect technology.

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