Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Kindle Fire Is Not iPad Killer, Here Goes The Complete Comparison

So finally Amazon has just announced its new Kindle Fire, a so-called “iPad Killer” after looking into the specifications of the device, we don’t think so that Kindle Fire going to be a iPad Killer from any side. Kindle Fire will not be able to to compete head-to-head Apple’s magical iPad on specs, but we can’t claim that Amazon does not makes any impressive sales.

Amazon has just announced a complete family of Kindle and re announced its old Kindle within new features to the United States users, the company is rumored to launch a new e-reader device with having deep modification of Android OS into the tablet. As the source told us before the launch, the device will carry a full customized built of Android to compete with market tablets.

The folks over Verge has cover the complete media event of Amazon, and did live blogging. So by taking a full access on the details of the Kindle Fire, they have quickly published a complete numbers comparison between Apple’s iPad 2 vs Nook Color vs Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2