Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Kill Both The Power Sound and Vibration-PowerSoundDisabler

A new day and a new refreshing Tweak in Cydia. If you are a proud owner of a Jailbroken iPhone, so you must refresh your Cydia for new packages daily. Every day there are some very useful packages that we miss out and are not aware of. There are many new things in Cydia of which we are not aware. We don’t even know what they do and what are they meant for.

Like this, today a new Tweak surfaced in Cydia with the name of PowerSound Disabler, which aims to kill both the Vibration and Sound of your iPhone while it is charging. The Tweak aims to help you while you are sleeping and don’t want the people around you to be waked up anytime at night when some is calling you and don’t want the other person in the room to be notified about or don’t want him to be disturbed.

Some of you might love the sound of Beep-Beep of iPhone when you put it onto charge and some you might hate the sound of Beep-Beep of the iPhone because it disturbs the people in your room or you might don’t want to get annoyed from the notification when you get while sleeping and that vibration (Vrooom-Vroom) when your iPhone is on charge or on silent mode. That vibration really makes you go nuts and disturbs your mid night sleep when you are having sweet and beautiful dreams.

To continue with your beautiful and sweet dreams, you need to install PowerSoundDisabler from Cydia, which is free of cost. Once you got the tweak installed, simply plug in your iPhone to charge any time of the day and you are good to go. You don’t have to do any sort of additional settings to make it work.

So what are your plans for tonight? Want to sleep and have sweet dreams or want to be get annoyed with that Beep-Beep sound and Vrooom-Vrooom Vibration sound of iPhone?