Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Kiddish: Google Going To Compete Apple’s Siri And Are Already Working On It (Report)

iOS, the first mobile operating system based on complete Unix, C++ was dropped out by Apple in 2007 which at that time was just a phenomenal release turned the technology world up side down and after that the Google got it all…. Android was then released in 2008 for the first time which was an A-Z copy of iOS’s interface which later on changed a bit but still there are some inner interfaces same as the iOS till now, one of this example is of the Camera app in the iOS and Android have the same interface with out even a single change in it.

Siri was an application released in June 2011, a real voice assistant which basically understands what are you trying to say ! After its launch for all iOS, Android and BB OS, Apple bought it for iOS and it was removed from all Android and BB OS but if you remember Nuance was the call for iOS.

A report has been pushed out by AppleInsiders which claims that Google is working on a codenamed project “Majel” which is the voice assistant for Android

Android and Me claims to have received details on the project, which is codenamed “Majel” after the late Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the actress who voiced the Federation Computer from Star Trek. Barrett-Roddenberry was also the wife of the show’s creator Gene Roddenberry and played numerous roles throughout the franchise’s history.

The voice assistant will be an “evolution” of Google’s current Voice Actions feature in Android, adding natural language processing similar to Apple’s Siri.

In the biography of the Steve Jobs by Water Issacson, there is a chapter in which its told that Jobs’ claimed that he wanted to set a nuclear war against Google even if it costed Apple Inc. as Google copied everything from Apple.

In many cases what should we think for Apple, are they lucky or unlucky ? They are both basically as in one hand Samsung has completely tried to finish Apple and on other hand Google is up but still we should love Apple as they basically did it all, not any one else.