Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

Keep Track of All Phone Calls and Text Messages On Map via Phranger

Did you ever wanted to have a record of whom you called or did him/her a Text message on the map? “When I arrive I’ll call you!”, “I’ll send you an SMS when they are in place.” How many times have you think or say a sentence like this? Phranger is the answer, simple and unique to remember who to call.

It will be available from April 28 on the App Store application Phranger, an easy to use and fast to keep track of all phone calls and text messages to send, wherever you are.

Thanks to a sophisticated system of tracking your location in real time, Phranger can remind you when and where calls and / or SMS you send, based on your current position.

To understand how simple and easy to use, just open Phranger. Everything will be clear and simple … like a tap.

Just indicate the desired location on a map, select a range of accuracy and you’re done!

Phranger you to keep track of important calls and SMS. Forever. Phranger, incorporates a proprietary system for the protection of your battery’s charge.

Simply select the Energy Saver to exploit the full power of Phranger, with no nasty surprises on your battery’s charge.

The App is coming out on April 28th and no words are said on the Pricing. Whether it will be free or you will have to purchase it. Once this app is out we will let you know. If it will be of some cost, so we will do a promo code give away of this App.

The compatibility is Unknown and as per our guess it will compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.