Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Kaspersky Comes To Android & BlackBerry

Hey folks you all must be aware of the Anti Virus called Kaspersky, which is used on Windows. Russian security vendor Kaspersky Lab has released new versions of its security software for mobile devices to cover Android and the BlackBerry OS.

The Android and BlackBerry versions released at Mobile World Congress on Tuesday have fewer features than the existing versions for Symbian and Windows Mobile, according to the technical data.The Android and BlackBerry versions can both remotely disable a lost or stolen device and delete its data upon receipt of an SMS (Short Message Service) code.

The version also a have call and SMS filters, which allow users to block calls or messages they want to receive or set up a whitelist that defines which communication will be accepted from specific contacts.

Those are the only two features of Mobile Security 9 for the BlackBerry.

Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 7 is not covered by Mobile Security 9 since Dronov said that

“Access to many of the low-level operating system functions are already blocked. However, Kaspersky will continue to look at the platform.”

The Android one has more features. It has Kaspersky’s “privacy protection” feature, which allows phonebook entries, SMSes and call logs to be hidden on the phone. Android also support Kaspersky’s antivirus functions.

You can purchase Kaspersky for $29.95 from here.

via [networkworld]