Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

Karbonn Mobile Rips Off Apple’s iPhone Ad (Video)

The day before I was surfing on T.V and found a Ad which looked some what like Apple’s iPhone 4 Ad which it Aired months ago. The first time I missed the Ad. Luckily some time soon the Ad appeared once again and what I saw was really epic.

The Ad was of Karbonn Mobile. Karbonn Mobile the Android A1 is a new cellular company located in India, aims to provide a new generation of mobile phones that redefines life in every way. Loaded with features, looks, quality, technology, service and more, it is the perfect harmony of style and function.

Above are the things the company intends to offer its customer. But how the Company is Advertising its Ad?

I am sure you will be interested in seeing the company’s Ad. The Ad starts like “If You Don’t Have Ahem.!!” See it your self.


If you are a regular reader at FreakGeeks, so you must have gone through the Ad of Apple’s iPhone 4. If not so view below:


After seeing both of the videos, what are your thought about it? If you compare both the Videos, So Karbonn Mobile didn’t even bother to change the background, the way iPhone 4 was held is the same way Karbonn Mobile is held, and the only difference is of hands.

So Karbonn Mobile completely ripped off Apple’s iPhone 4 Ad. Lets see what Apple does next. If you Don’t Have, Ahemm.!! So you Don’t Have. Ahemm!!.