Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Judge Lifts Ban From Samsung Galaxy Tab In Australia, Apple Still Struggling

A new twist happened today in the long going patents battle between Apple and Samsung with more than two dozen lawsuits each other on the ban of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab tablet across the world in different nation. Samsung has already face ban from the Federal Court in Australia on the sales of Galaxy Tab. It appears today that court has just lifted the ban from the sales of Galaxy Tab in the land. The court has just overruled the ruling of the Justice Annabelle Bennet, who ordered Samsung to stop the sales of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

Samsung’s folks in Australia quotes the court decision as “pleased with today’s unanimous decision.” Apple is as well reported to looking for an appeal to the High Court in the land to overrule the decision again and put a permanent ban on the Galaxy Tab, as well on the revised version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1N which carries a lot more design of iPad.

The Federal Court, who lifts the ban from the Samsung’s device as well provides a little time period to Apple, to prepare an appeal again for the injunction in the High Court. A full hearing on copycat accusations is set for March 2012, which could still result in a permanent injunction.