Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Japanese iTunes Store Features: 3G Downloads, iTunes Plus, Complete My Album

A day ago we have reported that Apple has rolled out the iTunes Music component of iTunes in the Cloud to Japanese users with some new features and locality offers on the Apple Online iTunes Music service. The new iTunes in the cloud allow users to freely download the music from iTunes Store that they have purchased before, and this time just wants to download it on their device. Initially, it was expected that the service will only offer the basic features of iTunes in the Cloud for Japanese users, and will only allow to download music content from the iTunes Store, but from now the later reports it is widely claimed that Apple goes a bit good with Japanese users.

Apple has introduced some additional features to Japanese users with the availability of the iTunes in the cloud for them, and publishes a new iTunes page for them in their localized language highlighting the few new features of iTunes in the Cloud for Japanese users.

– 3G downloads: Music downloads from iOS devices had previously been restricted to Wi-Fi only, but users can now access content over 3G networks.

– iTunes Plus: The Japanese iTunes Store now supports the DRM-free 256 kbps iTunes Plus format, up from the previous 128 kbps versions carrying usage restrictions. Labels will need to upgrade their content to the new standard, so it may take some time for all music to become available in iTunes Plus format.

– Ringtones: Music ringtones are now available for purchase in the Japanese iTunes Store.

– Mastered for iTunes: Rolling out on a worldwide basis, Apple is now featuring songs and albums that have been specifically mastered for the iTunes Store to provide the best sound quality for the format.

– Complete My Album: Users who previously purchased individual tracks from an album can now purchase the entire album for a discounted price based on a credit for their individual-track purchases.


iTunes in the Cloud is appeared to be an add-on of Apple’s newly introduced iTunes Match service for the iTunes music lovers, which aims to provide users a new way of managing their music collections online with Apple’s iTunes management software, and made them available to all other iOS connected devices.