Fri. May 27th, 2022

Jan-Michael Cart, Concept Designer Known Around The Web Gets Hired By Apple

Before the release of iOS 5 there were damn concepts around the world wide web and some of them were by Jan-Michael Cart whose concepts actually looked real and his ideas were really impressive around the web. Apple has been hiring many folks around the web who were into hacking iOS and many around Cydia two of them who are well known were

  1. Peter Hajas
  2. Nicholas Allegra a.k.a Comex

Peter Hajas was a tweak developer who actually brought out the concept of the notification center and released it in Cydia. After than before the iOS 5 release Apple hired him and of course the iOS 5 which is running now has his designed notification center for sure.

Who doesn’t know @comex ? A 19 year old geek who actually hacked iOS and released first web based jailbreak around the globe who has took up as an intern by Apple in summer holidays who after wards claimed that now he is out of “Jailbreak Me” scene and is working with Apple.

So Jan-Michael Cart is not the one and after all at least every one has an ambition and a dream which his got fulfilled, in one of his recent post he said on his blog

And like that, my time has come — I am now a member of the Apple community. I will still update my website with random small portfolio additions. I will also open up the blog portion of my website to document my day-to-day happenings in Cupertino. Stay tuned!

With the best wishes to him improving Apple, below are some of his recent concepts around the web