Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

Jailbroken iPad, iPhone With Jailbreak Me Get’s Display On Apple Store

When you enter into any Apple Store you see many device in which some of them are iPhone, iPod and iPad. To demonstrate any device an iPad is settled below the device well in short you can’t manage to enter the SpringBoard to use anything on the device but somehow some people managed to enter the device and headed upto the Safari and entered the Comex’s Jailbreak Me address.

Well it means that the device’s got jailbreak at the Apple’s retail store means a prank.

One of the reader’s at 9to5Mac posted a video showing the prank of jailbreaking iPad 2 at Apple’s Store

One of the channel at YouTube named MrAj’sTech also posted a video of iPod at the Apple Store getting jailbreak