Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Jailbreaking For All Devices Should Be Made Legal, Pleads EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) strikes back once again. Last year in 2010, in the month of July EFF won the case against the U.S Government for making the jailbreak legal for iOS Devices. Now the EFF wants to make Jailbreaking / Rooting legal on all the iOS Devices, smart phones, tablets, and video game consoles. To make these things legal, EFF has pleaded to the U.S Copy right office to make these things legal. The main aim of this plead is to remove the restriction of Digital Millennium Copy Right Act (DMCA) from these things, Jailbreaking / Rooting. More over, EFF has asked the companies on not to ban Jailbreaking / Rooting on their devices.

In an official statement by EFF:

“We were thrilled that EFF won important exemptions to the DMCA in the last rulemaking,” said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Marcia Hofmann. “But technology has evolved over the last three years, and so it’s important to expand these exemptions to cover the real-world uses of smartphones, tablets, video game consoles, DVDs, and video downloads.”

“The DMCA is supposed to block copyright infringement. But instead it can be misused to threaten creators, innovators, and consumers, discouraging them from making full and fair use of their own property,” said EFF Intellectual Property Director Corynne McSherry. “Hobbyists and tinkerers who want to modify their phones or video game consoles to run software programs of their choice deserve protection under the law. So do artists and critics who use short excerpts of video content to create new works of commentary and criticism. Copyright law shouldn’t be stifling such uses – it should be encouraging them.”

If EFF succeeds in legalizing the Jailbreak /Rooting for all the above mentioned devices, then it would be pretty good news for all. Every one would be really happy about the legalizing of the Jailbreak and every Device would be Rooted / Jailbreaked. But users of iOS device won’t be happy because Apple’s warranty is voided if the Device is Jailbroken. Only warranty is voided due to Jailbreaking. Well, if you can Jailbreak so you can Un Jailbreak it and claim the warranty which is another issue. The main issue is that, will be still safe if the Jailbreaking / Rooting is legalized?

So far the iOS users would be safe because no Spyware or any thing has been reported up till now after Jailbreaking your iDevice. If there has been any finding due to Jailbreak, So it has been fixed by the jailbreakers on the spot or in few days. This was for the iOS people, what about other device users, like Android and other platform. Are they safe?

If we talk about Android, we would say that they are more vulnerable to Malware attacks because Android is more open platform and the hackers can easily grab it do some real hackers stuff. Where as, OS of BlackBerry was more secure than Android. But now the OS for BlackBerry is also no more secure. Today the hackers released the Tool called Dingleberry to Jailbreak / Root BlackBerry’s PlayBook. The increasing number of Hackers, who are willing to do something for the community can be the biggest reason behind the EFF’s plead to The Copy Right office of the U.S.

To sum all things up, EFF has the U.S Copyright Office to make Jailbrealng Legal and the hearing of the proposed DMCA will be held in Spring 2012.