Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

Jailbreak PS3 with Naima Custom Firmware 3.55/60 Hybrid Release, With Full PSN Access

It seems like PS3 hacking community is much activated these days, after Sony filled the case against the geohot. Many hackers decide to stay away from PS3 console but still there are still some thrilling type hackers exists in PS3 community, those who ready to face Sony. Today, we posted a video of hacker who showed a jailbroken PS3 running on firmware v3.60. And know here is another hacker Naima from Spanish, who released a new PS3 custom firmware version Naima CFW 3.55 / 60 hybrid, which let you to spoof the PS3 console and enjoy the PSN full access on jailbroken PS3.


Basically, hacker takes some files from firmware v3.60 and adds them in to v3.55 to spoof the PS3 console to completely allow the PSN Access to the user for games and applications while having full jailbroken PS3 capabilities of 3.55. Developer of this custom firmware version also said it only modifies 3 bytes of vsh.self, which is the only thing required for a PS3 3.60 spoof and is safer than PS3ITA’s CFW v3.55 for PSN access.


We are here at FreaKGeeks not recommending you to use this and access PSN on jailbroken device in order to avoid any possible bans from Sony.


*** THIS IS CFW for Firmware 3.55 NOT FOR Firmware 3.60 ***

Download and apply it to Official Firmware 3.55

3.55-60CFW-naima.patch (File Size: 39.96MB )


DISCLAIMER: The above post is for educational purposes only! FreaKGeeKs does not condone piracy or hacking in any form. It is a violation of the Terms of Service and in some cases be considered illegal