Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Jailbreak iOS Betas And iOS With Sn0wbreeze. Universal Noobs Guide (How To)

As promised before that I will be making a universal guide for Sn0wbreeze Tool which is used to Jailbreak iOS and iOS Betas when they are released. This guide is made on iOS 5 Beta 7 and will work the same way for iOS and iOS Betas when ever they are updated and released. This is a complete guide which will be followed every time a new update is made to Sn0wbreeze.

This guide is limited to iPhone 4,iPod 4,iPhone 3GS,iPod 3G,iPad 1. Till now now support for iPad 2 has been made by any of the Jailbreaking tools other than When ever the Bootrom exploit is found for iPad 2, the Jailbreaking tools will be updated and as far as I think the procedure will remain the same. If the procedure goes different, then for sure we will make another guide.

Why This Is A Universal Guide?

This is a Universal Guide because every time a new Update is made to the tool, the procedure is the same. The tool gets only internal changes and not any external like looks or procedure. This is why I thought to make one guide which will be followed every time.

Will It Be Long As It Is Universal Guide?

This guide won’t be long. This guide will be made for the ease for you people. So you can follow the steps easily and do the procedure.

After all the above things now you have to Follow some steps to Jailbreak iOS or iOS beta using Sn0wbreeze.

Steps To Follow:

Before you follow the steps you should keep in mind that this guide was made on iOS 5 beta 7 and all the steps will remain same for further Betas and iOS. If any changes are made, I will edit the guide and update it.

Things To Download:

Download iTunes (10.5)

Download Sn0wbreeze (2.9)

Download iOS 5.0.1


First of All download Sn0wbreeze 2.8 Beta 7. Links are above. When Downloaded Sn0wbreeze open it.

** This is the Beta release so this is intend for developers only. As usual 3GS old Bootrom users are Untethered on the latest release of iOS. The only have to wait for the Jailbreak Tool to be updated.

Now proceed next.


Now you will have to browse for the IPSW which you download before. If you don’t have any source for IPSW then you can download from the link given in Sn0wbreeze.

Once you browsed the IPSW and the IPSW is verified then you can proceed next.


When you proceed next it will show you 3 options of 3 different modes.

Baseband Preservation Mode

Simple Mode

Expert Mode

What do these 3 modes mean?

Baseband Preservation Mode:

In this mode you can preserve your baseband and do a clean restore. This will now activate your iPhone nor Jailbreak it. This will only preserve the baseband and let you keep the old baseband and you can update the firmware.

Simple Mode:

This mode is for those people who only want to Jailbreak and Hacktivate their iPhone. This mode also preserves your baseband. In this mode it will ask you if you want to actviate your iPhone or not. It is up to you whether you want to or not.

Expert Mode:

This mode is for those who want to make custom changes to their iPhone/iPod/iPad. This mode also preserves the baseband. In this mode you can change the root partition size of your iPhone/iPod/iPad, Enable Battery %age, Hacktivate the iPhone and specially for betas you can remove the UDID/Check Timer in order to avoid the UDID thing. This UDID thing is only available for people who are on iOS Betas and cannot get a Developer Account.

After reading All this now proceed next.


Below are the options which you will get when you will proceed further.

Now it is up to you whether you want to Activate the iPhone and remove the UDID/Beta Check Timer. This option of UDID/Beta Check Timer is only valid till iOS 5 Betas and it will be later one removed when the official iOS 5 is out.


Now go next and Select Build IPSW.

When you will go next, it will start to build IPSW.


Once you are done it will show you a message “Done”.

Once again the thing written in Yellow is limited  till Tethered Jailbreak for iOS Betas and official iOS Betas until there is any Untethered Jailbreak. So avoid updating your iOS Devices until unless there is any untethered Jailbreak.

Procedure For Tethered-Boot:

The procedure for Tethered Boot is not different and not hard enough to follow. It basically compromises of two to three steps. Once again Tethered Boot is only for Tethered Jailbreaks. If you get Untethered Jailbreak you don’t have to do this method. Remember you will have to always do this step when ever you boot up on a Tethered Jailbreak.

Now follow the procedure below:


When you make custom IPSW from Sn0wbreeze and the Jailbreak is Tethered, so it adds an icon on your Desktop called iBooty. iBooty is a tool which is used to do Tethered Boot on Tethered Jailbroken iDevices.

Open iBooty and Connect your IDevice.


Now Select your iDevice from Select your Device option mentioned below and press start. The count down will start and follow the steps to go into DFU Mode.

Once you are done. It will boot up your iDevice and you will be ready to go.

If you don’t understand any thing so feel free to comment below and if you like the guide, so feel free to share with your friends and other people also. Don’t forget to do +1 because it will help you the next time you want to search for a guide.