Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Cydia & Jailbreak Help Facebook Page

Guys you may be shocked that what type of post is, but guys today we are going to introduce another Jailbreak helping team who are  working like us, helping jailbreakers and providing news but through a Facebook Page. Many of you may know them from before our introductory post, they are on Facebook with the name of “ Cydia & Jailbreak Help”.


After checking their support for users, we thought why not we feature them and tell our users about them. FreaKGeeKs and Cydia & Jailbreak Help Page team has a same goal and we think why not we help all people out there.

About Cydia & Jailbreak Help:

Cydia & Jailbreak Help started back in September 2010 as an experimental Facebook fan page by two knowledgeable Jailbreakers eager to help the community connect and grow. After some time they communicating with another page with similar drive, it was found that the goal and effort to help others was born from a natural sense of community, a desire to push forward Jailbreaking from a tool, in to a Movement. And it did. Fast.

Now with nearly 7,000 fans on a Facebook page, a Repository source, and 6 admins from US, UK, Germany, Ireland, and India (covering nearly all Time zones), Cydia & Jailbreak Help has brought personal support to all jailbreakers from around the globe, 24/7, on the most familiar and simple social networks we all use, from the newbie to the pro.

According to us, Gaurav Rawal, Stephen Archbold, Robin Kmieciak, Brian Cordova, Richard Roper and Kevin csutor just joined the social networks to help users, currently they are all six admins working like a family and helped a lot of users through their experimental Facebook page. You can also follow Cydia & Jailbreak Help on twitter and as well as individually by your choice of admin from here.


Join their family on Facebook “Cydia & Jailbreak Help