Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

ITV Warns Apple To Stay Away From The Name of iTV

March is coming near and the new releases are expected to come in the month of March from Apple at least. Previously we have seen many rumors regarding the iPhone 5, iPad 3 and Apple TV. The rumors of the upcoming iPhone 5 are pointing the release at this year WWDC where as the rumors for iPad 3 and the new Apple TV are pointing out towards the March release. Few days’ back we have seen many rumors saying about the iPad 3 that it has been send into production or the iPad 3 is ready or what so ever the case is and the release is in March.

The iPad 3 won’t be coming alone in March; the new Apple TV will also be debuting in March with iPad 3. Apple is expected to name the new Apple HDTV as iTV, but Apple could have serious licensing issues over that name with a Britain’s largest commercial broadcasters, ITV. This 50+ year-old company has told Apple that not to go with that name because they are already running with that name from past 50+ years. According to Telegraph, ITV has written Apple a letter regarding not to use this name for their upcoming Apple TV.

ITV has written to Apple to warn the Silicon Valley technology giant off using its three-letter name for its long-awaited, “iTV” smart television. 

The report claimed that the chief executive of ITV Adam Crozier, had talked with Apple in 2010 regarding this name that they won’t use the name at least in U.K for their product.

When Apple decided to launch their TV, they temporarily named it as iTV. When it was launched the name was changed to Apple TV. Now we have to see that what name the company will come up with.