Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

iTV Trademark Holder Alerts Apple About Upcoming “Apple HDTV”

A pick of the month among the best rumors so far is the Apple’s iTv, but no solid satisfaction among the sources have been seen regarding this rumor. As we came to know about the fact that Steve Jobs biography has been “cracked” that the “simplest user interface you could imagine” for a television, rumors about the company’s plans have been circulating widely.

The rumors about the suggested name for the Apple’s new production but it comes up with certain clashes like that Apple will change the “Apple TV” name over to the new product, while others have believed that “iTV” would be the company’s preferred name which will raise trademark and branding issues with other entities such as the UK’s ITV network. Notably, Apple has done this before in 2006 when he offers to change the product Apple Tv from ITv right before its launch in 2007.

Aside from British television network, which is the highest-profile hurdle to any effort by Apple to gain the rights to the iTV, there are others who hold rational assets rights related to the name, and for sure, Apple will fight to get this brand name.
From a press release set to be published tomorrow, Patrick Hughes, president and CEO of iTV Entertainment, LLC, will be taking his case public tomorrow in an attempt to incentive Apple into discussion of the trademark with warnings of legal and/or regulatory action if Apple should introduce a product under the “iTV” name. While Hughes himself does not hold a trademark on the “iTV” but he does hold one on “iTV Entertainment”.