Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iTunes 10.5 Beta 6.1 Available For Windows, Mac With iTunes Match (Direct Link)

Apple few minutes ago has released iTunes 10.5 Beta 6.1 to access the iTunes Match for developers as said by Jobs in the WWDC “11.

Below is the function of iTunes Match mentioned

Before the WWDC, it’s rumored that Apple may launch the iTunes in the cloud, so now the rumor comes to the reality in the keynote of WWDC, they finally launched the new version of iTunes in the Cloud, the new system of iTunes will allows you to get access to all the previously purchased songs on you devices via the new “Purchased” tab in iTunes Store, similar to the “Purchased Apps” tab in App Store.  One of the main features is that it allows you to push a single purchase of songs or app to the other devices of you at once.

Check out the release notes

iTunes Match Beta 6.1 Release Notes

Your iCloud libraries will be deleted at the end of this beta.

Backup regularly and do not delete the music you add to iCloud from your computer. Apple may periodically delete all iCloud libraries during the beta period. This will require you to scan, match, and upload songs again. Also note that some of the features and optimizations of iTunes Match may not be available during this beta.

About Subscribing

iTunes Match beta is available to iOS developers in the United States.

  • iTunes Match beta is available as an automatically renewing 12 month subscription for $24.99 per year. You may cancel at any time from your Account settings.
  • To thank you for your participation, beta subscribers will receive the beta period and an additional 3 months of service with their 12 month subscription.
  • You can subscribe to iTunes Match using iTunes 10.5 beta on your Mac. iTunes Match is not available with iTunes for Windows at this time. You cannot subscribe to iTunes Match from your iOS device.
  • You can access your iCloud library on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with iOS 5 beta, or your other computers with iTunes 10.5 beta.
  • Once subscribed, you can add up to 25,000 songs to iCloud, and iTunes purchases do not count against this limit. iTunes Match will not add your apps, books, movies, TV shows, ringtones, and audiobooks to your iCloud library. These items can continue to be synced to your iOS device with iTunes. iTunes LPs and iTunes Extras are also unsupported.
  • iTunes Match includes limits to how you may access your iCloud library:
    • –  You can use iTunes Match on up to 10 computers and iOS devices, up to five of which can be computers authorized with your Apple ID.
    • –  You can only associate computers and devices with a different Apple ID once every 90 days.Getting Started
      Important: Before you get started, it is recommended you make a backup of your completeiTunes library. You can find your iTunes library inside /Music/iTunes in your Home folder. To subscribe to iTunes Match:
  1. Install iTunes 10.5 beta 6.1 or later on your Mac.
  2. Open iTunes and choose Turn On iTunes Match from the Store menu.
  3. Click the Subscribe for $24.99 button and follow the onscreen instructions. Oncecomplete, your Music library will include songs on your computer and in iCloud.

Once iTunes has completed matching your music with the iTunes Store, you may begin accessing your iCloud library:

  • From your iOS device:
    1. Tap Settings > Music > turn iTunes Match ON.This will disable syncing music with iTunes.
    2. Press the Home button and tap Music.
  • From your other computers:
    1. Install iTunes 10.5 beta on your other Macs
    2. Open iTunes and choose Store > Sign In. Sign in using the same Apple ID you usedto subscribe to iTunes Match.
    3. Choose Store > Turn On iTunes Match
    4. Click the Add this Computer button
    5. Once complete, your Music library will include songs on your computer and in iCloud.


Download Link

iTunes 10.5 Beta 6.1 (MAC)