Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iTunes Tones Store Let You To Download Customized Email and SMS Tones in iOS 5

Are you one of those who were bored with stock tones management of iOS and for change in it going to jailbreak your iPhone, if yes? There is a new feature of iOS 5 founded which will allows you to download tones for your iOS device and let you to select specific tone for both email and SMS. For those, Apple going to set up new store labeled as “iTunes Tones Store” which will soon to be available with the public release of iOS 5.

The guys over 9to5mac, has collected different pictures and videos which suggest that Apple in the way to provide option to the user to select custom notification let you to download it from their own new “iTunes Tones Store”. Tough this time no one has saw “iTunes Tones Store” and even nobody knows how it will work but the option of “Buy More Tones” has been figured out in the current iOS 5 SDK.