Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Apple Releases iTunes Producer 2.6 To Submit iBooks & Music

Many users across the world have received a stranger buddy in their Software Update program today right from the Apple with title of “iTunes Producer”, many users quickly jumped over the internet and start discussing the arrival of such a tool entirely in the Mac Software Update, while the software is not installed in the Mac, and it also comes through the Software Update. It is interesting to know that why Apple selected the Software to update program to seed the new program, while they can launch the new update inside the Mac App Store or can directly push it out on the web with proper guides and change log.


Well, the iTunes Producer 2.6 update lands on the Mac with Software Update, let me brief you on iTunes Producer if you don’t know anything about it. iTunes Producer is an Apple’s submission tool for music and book to the iTunes Store, and mostly it rolls out for the developers and other production users to submit and test their things with the Apple’s iTunes Store, but after today’s confusion software update, the software eventually comes to the users who even don’t know anything about it.

iTunes Producer 2.6 today pushed to a certain number of users through the Software Update, while the Software Update only offers a certain number of updates regarding to the Mac OS. iTunes Producer could be also used by the users who want to upload their books content on the iTunes Store, and recently has been capable of work with Apple’s iBooks Author books, so initially it is reported that the software is only hitting to the users who have installed the iBooks Author program on their Macs to simply write down the books, and then it allows them to submit their apps to the iTunes Store for standard iBook.